What is a digital world?

In week one we were introduced to the topic “What is a digital world?”. Dr Jennifer Howell asked us to do a digital audit on ourselves, to see how digital our worlds were (Howell, 2014). I learnt that I am what Prensky (as cited in Howell, 2012, p.6) labels a “digital immigrant”. I use technology daily, but it is limited to what I choose to use (Howell, 2012). There are so many technologies that I choose not to use simply because technology makes me nervous. Howell (2012) makes reference to technologically fearless teachers being open to suggestions made from our digitally native students. Most students are surrounded by digital technologies at home so their input could be valuable. To be able to describe myself as a technology fearless teacher, I will need to increase my digital pedagogy (Howell, 2012).

Children are digital natives, they have grown up surrounded by technology (My own image).
Children are digital natives, they have grown up surrounded by technology (My own image).

In an interview with Marc Prensky (CEMPVideos, 2010), he suggests that teachers do not need to know how to use a particular technology in order to teach effectively, as long as they can explain to the students what the resource does. This then leaves the students to explore the resource on their own. I found this an interesting point of view, which contrasts the opinion of Howell (2012), who believes that teachers should enter the classroom with a digital attitude and aptitude and guide students with our knowledge. My thoughts on these conflicting opinions tend to agree with Howell. I believe that it is important for a teacher to understand a resource and be able to provide students with help if needed.

Perhaps the most interesting point I will take from this week was Howell’s (2012) statement that digital technology enables life-long learning. The internet is a never ending provider of information, which means we are constantly taking in new information. I leave this week with an enthusiasm to enhance my digital world and start the journey to life-long learning.


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